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Beirut Gulag Orkestar Full !!TOP!! Album Download

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beirut gulag orkestar full album download

Beirut's new single 'Santa Fe' is taken from their third studio album 'The Rip Tide', which was released in August 2011 on Pompeii Records and is available to download from the band's website.The video for Santa Fe was made by the experimental comedy series Sunset Television. Over the catchy, upbeat tempo, a man plays with his girlfriend and their pet terrier on a beach. Zach Condon spoke about the new video: "Sunset Television has filled a comedy void for me for the last couple years. To me, it's a group of filmmakers tastefully making fun of their own craft, with references everybody else wears like a badge of honor. I'm honored they would take me under their wing for a video."Beirut initially started out in 2006 as a solo project. Zach Condon, the front man, signed to 'Ba Da Bing! Records' and released debut album 'Gulag Orkestar' in the same year. His friends accompanied him on tour and eventually became part of the line up. Beirut now comprises: Zach Condon (vocal / trumpet / ukulele); Perrin Cloutier (accordion / piano); Nick Petree (drums / percussion); Paul Collins (electric bass / upright bass); Kelly Pratt (trumpet / euphonium) and Ben Lanz (trombone / tuba / piano).Beirut's second album, 'The Flying Club Cup' was recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Quebec, Canada and was released in October 2007.


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