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Samar Movie Download Dubbed Hindi

Samar Movie Download Dubbed Hindi: A Thrilling Action Adventure You Don't Want to Miss

If you are looking for a Tamil movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you should watch Samar. Samar is a 2013 action thriller film written and directed by Thiru. It stars Vishal, Trisha and Sunaina, with Manoj Bajpayee and J. D. Chakravarthy appearing in supporting roles. The film was later dubbed in Hindi as Gabbar Sher in 2016.

Samar Movie Download Dubbed Hindi

What is Samar Movie About?

Samar movie is about a jungle trekker named Sakthi, who is forced to leave for Bangkok under strange circumstances and witnesses a series of puzzling incidents there. He meets his ex-girlfriend Rupa, who dumped him three months ago, and gets involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a mysterious man named Roopesh. Sakthi soon realizes that he is being used as a pawn in a bigger conspiracy that involves his look-alike, a ruthless assassin named Shakthi.

Why Should You Watch Samar Movie?

Samar movie is a gripping and entertaining film that will keep you hooked till the end. The film has many twists and turns that will surprise you and make you wonder what will happen next. The film also has some stunning action sequences that showcase Vishal's skills as a martial artist and stunt performer. The film also has a romantic angle between Vishal and Trisha, who share a good chemistry on screen. The film also has a catchy soundtrack and score composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Dharan Kumar, respectively.

How to Download Samar Movie Dubbed Hindi?

If you want to watch Samar movie dubbed in Hindi, then you have several options to do so. You can either watch it online on streaming platforms like YouTube or Fandor, or you can download it from torrent sites or other websites that offer free movie downloads. However, you should be careful while downloading movies from unverified sources, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or compromise your privacy. You should also respect the rights of the filmmakers and avoid piracy.

How was the Box Office Performance of Samar Movie?

Samar movie was a moderate success at the box office. The film got a very good opening with 60% - 75% occupancy on the first day and collected 36.5 crore. The mixed talk from the public did not affect its collection at the box office. By the weekend, the film grossed 37.14 crore at the box office. In Chennai, the film grossed 1.25 crore in the first week. [1]

The film also did well in overseas markets, especially in Malaysia, where it was released as Gabbar Sher. The film collected MYR 1,017,581 ( 1.85 crore) in Malaysia and became one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of 2013 there. [2]

The film's total worldwide gross was estimated to be around 50 crore, making it a profitable venture for the producers and distributors. [3]

Who are the Cast and Crew of Samar Movie?