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Apc Network Management Card Device Ip Configuration Wizard |BEST| Download

In the link James provided there is a mention that you may have to run a custom tool to setup the Network Card on the UPS:The Device IP configuration wizard is included on the CD that comes with the cards (current v5.0.2) and the latest version is currently only available to download from APC's website (v5.0.2). (http:/ Opens a new window/ Opens a new window) The wizard must run on a Windows operating system. You can configure the card using the wizard over the network only with v5.0.0 and higher. Prior 3.x versions allow local configuration of the NMC with this program. With the Network Management Card 2 family, the Device IP Configuration Wizard v3.0.1 and below will not work via the local method inside the wizard. v3.0.3 is required or v5.0.0 or higher for network configuration.Please keep in mind that with certain firmware releases, the NMC can obtain a DHCP address and also prevent the wizard from working correctly. You may want to check your DHCP client list for any MAC addresses beginning with 00 C0 B7, which indicates an APC address. In addition, check the card you are trying to configure. Any card with valid IP settings will have a solid green status LED.

apc network management card device ip configuration wizard download

The UPS NMC is currently blinking amber. I tried to download the ip config wizard but I get an error every time I try saying their site for the download cannot be reached. I've tried on my phone and two separate networks. The discs that came with the ups do not contain this software. I tried a serial connection but nothing comes up on the COM port that my laptop is using. Tuesday just isn't my day.

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