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Csveta Hgreen
Csveta Hgreen

Xpand 2 Free Download !!BETTER!!


Xpand 2 Free Download !!BETTER!!

in addition to the voice settings, the performance settings control the vst, au, and rtas plug-in engine. adjusting the performance settings makes it easy to control xpand!2's powerful new performance engine, which includes the new pitch bend wheel, aftertouch, and modulation. individual controls for each of the performance settings are provided, making it easy to apply these powerful new controls to a voice.

xpand! 2 offers unique ways to quickly edit the sounds. while in the arpeggiator, the various parts can be edited through lfos, pitch bend, modulation, or audio effects. each part in xpand! 2 can also be edited independently. when the latch switch is activated, the part can be edited without having to select a patch or arpeggiator. this is great for on the fly editing of any part without having to switch patches.

there are many options for controlling the various parts in xpand!2. each part has it's own set of controls that are unique to that part. each part also has it's own unique audio effects set that allows you to control the sounds per part, without having to select a patch at the workstation. these effects include stereo harmonizer, eq, phaser, stereo chorus, reverb, delay, pitch bend, and auto pan. the effects can be turned on or off from the patches section. when these effects are turned on, they are applied to the patch and to each of the parts. it is very easy to keep track of the effect controls while the patch is playing. each part also has it's own latch switch that allows the patch to continue to play without stopping. 3d9ccd7d82


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