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Julius Kondratyev
Julius Kondratyev

Surface Pro 7 Teardown Shows It’s Tricky And Expensive To Fix €? Just Like The Pro 6

The Surface Pro 7 is another fine refinement of Microsoft's flagship hardware product, even if the Pro X's design shows us what could be one day. The design is showing its age in comparison, but it's not quite outdated just yet, and I think any user would be pleased. The addition of the USB-C port is welcome, and the switch to the Ice Lake class of CPUs adds some pep to this compact tablet's step. This iteration of the Surface Pro is another case of evolution rather than revolution, and I hope we see an Intel or AMD chip in a device that looks like the Pro X in the future.

Surface Pro 7 teardown shows it’s tricky and expensive to fix – just like the Pro 6



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