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Daphne Millbrook, portrayed by Brea Grant, is a thief with the power of enhanced speed. She can move herself at speeds fast enough to just barely outrun a nuclear explosion, move fast enough to be at normal speed when Hiro Nakamura slows down time to the point where time appears to have stopped, and can extend her ability to those she is in contact with. She suffers from cerebral palsy and relied on crutches and braces to walk before gaining her powers. She first becomes acquainted with Hiro Nakamura, who refers to her as "nemesis", after she steals his half of a chemical formula that gives ordinary people super powers. She works for the Pinehearst Company under the direction of Maury Parkman (who appears to her as Mr. Linderman), charged with recruiting members. Daphne eventually switches sides and helps rescue Hiro from the past. Afterwards, she and Hiro steal and destroy the Formula and she tries to make a life with Matt Parkman. During "Trust and Blood", Daphne is shot and apparently killed. She is revealed to be alive, though seriously wounded during "Cold Wars." She is rescued in "Cold Snap" and taken to the hospital where she is treated for her gunshot wound and an infection. She apparently recovers and takes off to Paris, but quickly realizes it's a dream where Matt is giving her a happy ending. Knowing she will die, she asks Matt to fly her to the Moon. He does so in the dream as she dies of her injuries in the real world.

Real Life Cam Elena Artur Sex

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