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Como Configurar Omni Control Con Virtual Dj

to use omni control with rekordbox, you simply download the free omni control plugin for rekordbox, which is available in the plugins section of the dj store. you can also download the plugin from the plugin support section of the site. the plugin is free to use and is compatible with rekordbox 2.0 through 3.1. in the plugin, you will find a detailed instruction manual and a demo track of the plugin. you will have to make a few adjustments to the omni control plugin in the preferences section to get it to work with rekordbox. you will also need to download and install the midi mapping file.

como configurar omni control con virtual dj


once you have the omni control and midi mapping files downloaded and installed, you should be ready to go. simply download rekordbox, install it and plug in your midi controller. now, click on the 'configuration' tab in the main dj window. to the right of the main dj window, you will see a small window with a button that says "omni control". click on that button. now, you can select the controller you want to use. if you are using a total control, you will have to press the jog wheels in the correct pattern to move to the next track and the previous track.

select the controller you want to use, then choose the option to either 'save mapping' or 'import mapping'. if you are saving a mapping for use later, you have to set the controller to 'global' in order for it to be used by all tracks. if you are importing a mapping, you can either select the controller, or click on the 'import mapping' button in the omni control window, and select the mappings file you wish to use. you will have to move each mapping one at a time to your preferred controller. once you have moved all the mappings to your controller, you can click on the 'save mapping' button in the omni control window. once you click save, you will have to relaunch rekordbox dj to see the mapping changes take place.


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