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Episode 7 - Arrivederci

Episode 7 - Arrivederci --->>>

I can't be the only one who wanted another beatdown between Cameron and Ethan during the final dinner, but if this last episode taught us anything, the fighting between the couples probably helped them both.

Unfortunately, Episode 7 is the last episode of The White Lotus Season 2. That being said, while we may be saying goodbye to life in Sicily, more White Lotus resort drama is slated to happen in the future.

Spencer and Lee review an incredibly awkward (on brand) episode of White Lotus. Segments include: recap with Lee, Best Line of the Episode, Best and Worst Vacation Partners of the Week, and death predictions.

In alignment with her persona, Tanya refuses to die on anyone's terms but her own. As a result, she manages to retrieve Niccoló's gun, using it to kill him and seemingly fatally wound Quentin. She then attempts to escape via a lifeboat, but while trying to enter the boat to get back to land, she slips, hitting her head on the dinghy and drowning. Her body is confirmed to be the one that was discovered by Daphne (Meghann Fahy) in The White Lotus season 2 episode 1, confirming that Tanya is, indeed, dead. While The White Lotus' decision to kill off one of its main characters was shocking, it wasn't lost on fans that the show did so in its typically satirical manner.

"Arrivederci" is the seventh and final episode of the second season of The White Lotus. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It was released on December 11, 2022 on HBO and HBO Max. It was written and directed by Mike White.

Decoding TV will be covering The Last Of Us, premiering on HBO on January 15th! Be sure to stay subscribed to get all our episodes, with a special announcement sometime in the next week. Thanks to everyone who has listened this season, thanks to Decoding TV paid members for making this podcast possible, and a big thanks to Roxana Hadadi for joining us on this journey!

The highly anticipated season finale of The White Lotus will witness several crucial events as fans wait with bated breath to find out who'll survive. Titled Arrivederci, the episode is expected to focus on the rising tension between Tanya and Quentin.

The previous episode, titled Abductions, focused on a trip involving Bert, Albie, and Tom that turned out to be an absolute nightmare. Elsewhere, Ethan and Harper's equation gets even more complicated due to Harper's strong suspicion that her husband hasn't been faithful to her.

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