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Merce Rodoreda Mirall Trencat Pdf Download ((LINK))

Merce Rodoreda Mirall Trencat Pdf Download: A Review of the Catalan Classic Novel

Mirall Trencat (Broken Mirror) is a novel by the Catalan writer Mercà Rodoreda, published in 1974. It is considered one of her masterpieces and one of the most important works of Catalan literature of the 20th century. The novel tells the story of a bourgeois family, the Valldaura-Farriols, from the early 20th century to the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. It is a complex and rich portrait of a society in transition, marked by social changes, political conflicts, personal dramas and cultural transformations.

Merce Rodoreda Mirall Trencat Pdf Download

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download it for free in PDF format from various online sources. In this article, we will review some of the main aspects of Mirall Trencat, such as its structure, themes, characters and style.


Mirall Trencat is divided into three parts, each one containing several chapters. The first part introduces the main characters and the setting of the novel: the mansion of La Ricarda, where the Valldaura-Farriols family lives. The second part covers the period from 1914 to 1936, focusing on the events that affect the family and their relationships. The third part depicts the consequences of the Civil War and the Francoist dictatorship on the family and their surroundings.

The novel has a fragmented and nonlinear structure, resembling a broken mirror that reflects different perspectives and moments in time. The narration alternates between different points of view, sometimes within the same chapter or even the same paragraph. The chapters are also numbered in an irregular way, skipping some numbers or repeating them. This creates a sense of discontinuity and fragmentation that mirrors the historical and personal fractures that the characters experience.


Mirall Trencat explores various themes that are relevant for understanding the Catalan society and culture of the 20th century. Some of these themes are:

  • Family: The novel portrays the rise and fall of a bourgeois family that represents a social class that was influential and prosperous in Catalonia until the Civil War. The family is also a microcosm of the Catalan nation, which suffered repression and violence under Francoism. The novel shows how the family members cope with their changing circumstances, their conflicts, their secrets, their passions and their tragedies.

  • Women: The novel gives a prominent role to female characters, who are often more complex and dynamic than their male counterparts. The novel depicts their struggles, their desires, their frustrations and their achievements in a patriarchal society that limits their opportunities and freedoms. Some of the most memorable female characters are Teresa Goday, the matriarch of the family who marries twice and manages her own business; Sofia Valldaura, her daughter who becomes a renowned pianist; Maria Cinta Farriols, her granddaughter who rebels against her conservative upbringing; and Elisenda Valldaura, her great-granddaughter who suffers from mental illness.

  • Art: The novel reflects Rodoreda's interest in art and literature as forms of expression and resistance. Many of the characters are artists or have artistic aspirations, such as Sofia Valldaura (pianist), Ramon Farriols (painter), Armanda (poet) or Quimet (sculptor). The novel also contains references to other works of art and literature, such as paintings by Picasso or novels by Proust. The novel itself is an artistic creation that uses language as a tool to convey emotions, sensations and meanings.

War: The novel depicts the impact of war on individuals and society. The novel covers two wars: World War I and

the Spanish Civil War. The former affects mainly the economic situation of the family, while the latter has more direct

and dramatic consequences on their lives. The novel shows how war brings violence, death, destruction,

fear, exile and repression. It also shows how war affects people's values,

  • beliefs and identities.


Mirall Trencat has a large cast of characters that belong to different generations,

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