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Legion World Boss Trackerl [WORK]

The Lost Ark world bosses are incredibly powerful creatures that spawn in specific locations across the game world, often taking dozens of players to be defeated. They also help you complete the Adventurer's Guide, which is good reminder of your adventures around Arkesia. World bosses are a large part of the content you'll take part in leading up to the end-game, so if you need a rundown of the Lost Ark world bosses, including what they are and a list of them all, we've got you covered.

Legion World Boss Trackerl


Lost Ark world bosses are optional content that groups of players can take part in while they're levelling, though most of them are found in the end-game. They spawn at specific areas of the map on timers, and most major regions in the game will house a world boss for players to defeat. They are listed under collectibles, and can be found on the Adventurer's Tome screen by pressing the N key.

The world bosses have good quality loot too, and killing them for the first time earns you a first kill reward, which nets you a treasure map, three pieces of epic gear, and other items like currency, materials, and experience. This makes them well worth tackling when you are in their level range for the rewards alone, and the end-game world bosses have even better loot.

There are 20 Lost Ark world bosses as of writing this, but we can assume as the game receives updates or expansions in the future, this list will grow. While world bosses will spawn in certain areas, they may not always spawn in your channel, so it's worth changing this if you don't see the boss you want for a while. You can change your game channel in the top right of the screen by selecting from the drop-down menu.

Similarly, Lost Ark world bosses are just the same in terms of role. Usually, you will find them in random locations throughout the map. There is no particular spawn time and players get no information before they tackle it. 350c69d7ab


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