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Strength Rank Total War Warhammer LINK

After accumulating max points on the Reputation bar the player can elect to Call a Waaagh! against an enemy faction. Factions will display their diplomatic strength ranking (how many armies and settlements they have) and the player will chose one. The stronger the faction, the bigger the rewards if you succeed. This will target their capital city and the player will be tasked with occupying or razing the settlement. All of your factions armies will start generating Waaagh! units. These units are automatically built into your stack of units and will gradually grow to whatever the number of units were in the army when the Waaagh! was called (called the Waaagh! with 12 units, you will generate 12 extra units. This will allow you to attain a maximum of 40 units in a single army, 20 for a full stack of 20 units.

strength rank total war warhammer

When you successfully complete a Call to Waaagh!, you will be rewarded with a trophy. The effects and their strength depend on the type faction selected and its strength rank when calling the Waaagh!. You can only have one trophy at a time so when you successfully complete another Call to Waaagh! the new trophy replaces the current trophy.

Thanks to his scaling from the Temples of the Old Ones mechanic, Nakai will be showered in high amounts of Kroxigor buffs, casualty replenishment rate, and campaign movement range. This means he can travel around quickly, without stopping to heal his army every few battles. The global recruitment time reduction for his hordes is quite frankly ridiculous, as you can build a full-strength late game doomstack in only two to three turns. Playing him slowly in the early game is required, as you will need to stop and heal, but once you unlock enough favours from the Gods and begin to keep your buffs constantly rolling out, Nakai becomes truly terrifying.

The eight Valkyries all vary in how tough they are due to arena size, arsenal, moveset, behaviour and just general strength. You may find one or two Valkyries a little more difficult or easy to overcome based on your arsenal and playstyle, but here's our power ranking for the eight opponents, from easiest to hardest:


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