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This is indeed a must have feature, especially in health related research or any type of work that requires high quality sources. First of all, a critical literature review means an analysis of the studies which focus on the given subject area. It is therefore not a matter of narrating over the content of the articles but rather discussing the methodological grounding, the reliability and the relevance of the findings. Firstly, you should establish the questions that will define your research and look for the literature that will assist in finding the answers to these questions. The next step is to examine each paper critically in order to determine how relevant the conclusion is to your work. It is also necessary to take into consideration the circumstances in which a research was conducted and certain drawbacks like a small amount of participants or lack of control group. Another approach can be to search for examples of critical analysis done in medical essays so that the reader can get a better idea on how such approaches are conducted in real life. For example, you can find many such examples to help you at Here you will notice how authors consider a given literature and come up with a conclusion based on the analysis process. I really expect this information will be helpful for you and you’ll be able to write better essay!

Your knowledgeable response filled in the gaps in my understanding. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt and informative response. Your knowledge and experience was invaluable in clarifying the topic.



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