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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table PDF: The Ultimate Guide to the Camelot Legends

Wakeman wanted a unique show for King Arthur in England, his first UK shows since Crystal Palace, rather than a standard concert performance. An early idea of his was to perform the album at Tintagel Castle as part of a King Arthur Day event with a medieval pageant and jousting knights.[22] Wakeman was informed the castle was unsuitable for concerts, so he suggested to his promoter, Harvey Goldsmith, the idea of staging the show in a field beside it with a large inflatable castle. After travelling to Tintagel to investigate the possibility, Goldsmith found the land was crown property and a series of letters to the Duchy of Cornwall about the show failed to generate a response. A show at Tintagel was abandoned, and Wakeman suggested Wembley Stadium but Goldsmith explained it was not feasible.[23] The keyboardist suggested Wembley Arena, but booking the venue caused a problem as the Ice Follies were scheduled to perform afterwards and the arena had already become an ice rink. Goldsmith and Wakeman's management instead suggested a scaled down show at the Royal Albert Hall,[24] but Wakeman insisted on Wembley, and subsequently told a Melody Maker reporter that he would be presenting King Arthur as an ice show, "so there was no going back".[25]

king arthur and the knights of the round table pdf free download


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