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WritersPerHour Reviews

Writers Per Hour claims that they are available 24 hours a days and 7 days a week. Students can place orders at any time. This allows them to complete rush projects in a matter of minutes. As their name suggests, they don't charge students an hour. This is likely a reflection of their services, which are more time-consuming than they are in hours. You can reach them by calling 1-800, but that doesn't give us any clue about their exact location.

Although they are not part the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is possible that they may be a new service not yet accredited. We gave them the benefit-of-a doubt and inspected their website to find pros and cons in order to write a review. To give students a better understanding of, we also look at customer reviews and testimonials from other websites.

WritersPerHour reviews can be compiled by curating various sources.

We can see from their website that they have a blog page with useful advice and informative pages such as their Benefits page. Also, there are samples of their work.

However, we were alerted to a red warning when we checked to make sure the samples weren't plagiarized. We had hits for some of them, but because they were anonymous, we don't know if the original authors are part of WritersPerHour.

A biography of 10 pages was ordered by us. Although it looked great when you first read it, it had many typographical errors that made it seem rushed. It is possible that the writer wrote it in the last moment and it wasn't edited to perfection.

We read reviews complaining about the same issues we had, and others complaining about the cost of the papers. Some reviews were very positive and suggested that the writers may be outsourced. We also believe that WritersPerHour doesn't have a list that could be investigated. We believe the writer might have been from the UK, or the US, based on the paper we received. Others might have received non-Native English-speaking writers.

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