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Angel Brown
Angel Brown

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thecanvas and layer controls are now available for use in the drawing area. you can drag the canvas and layer controls to the drawing area, and the controls now control the active layers and viewports. you can also enable the viewports and layers from the option bar.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 (x64) Keygen download pc


this update added more features to help students and professionals improve their drawing skills. for example, autocad 2018 introduced continuous constraints for tables and columns to help you to create and edit tables with consistent styles.

improved 2d drawing capabilities and workflow. the placement of objects and annotations is now embedded within the 2d drawing, allowing you to edit their placement and attributes, including text, in a single document. if you place an item at the same location in the drawing multiple times, autocad now remembers the last position.

added support for measuring and annotating dimensions in horizontal and vertical alignments in the 2d workspace. you can now annotate a distance or angle in inches or degrees, and also include text for reference or to keep a measuring tool.

added support for hyperlinks in print and pdf documents. links can now be embedded within hyperlinks and routed to other documents or web sites. you can define a hyperlink for a 2d object or annotate an existing hyperlink for the object.

autocad 2017 made its debut in 2016. the new version features an updated user interface, streamlined workflow, improved 2d and 3d tools, and enhanced features for viewing interactive graphics and animations. includes support for reading and writing ai files as well as mobile printing from tablet and smartphone devices.


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