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In These Words Manga [NEW]

GuiltPleasure was founded in 2010 as a collaboration between an artist and a writer, with a desire to introduce a bold new form of art and storytelling to fans of the Yaoi/BL doujinshi, manga and novel publishing world. Since then, GuiltPleasure has grown from a US-based doujin effort into an international, multi-language publishing group of dedicated individuals with a common mission to deliver a high standard of homoerotic entertainment. Not your everyday BL, GuiltPleasure explores darker themes and unconventional plotlines, testing the boundaries of the human psyche. Never predictable, our works promise a journey into the uncharted, often feared depths of the sensual mind. Join us...

in these words manga

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Katsuya Asano is a world-recognized profiler who has been brought in to investigate a series of unusually gruesome murders of young men in Tokyo. The alleged perpetrator, Keiji Shinohara, has been arrested and is being set up for interrogation. Unbeknownst to Katsuya, Shinohara has actually requested to be cat-scanned by him. As the interrogation goes on, Katsuya starts having very strange nightmares that feel way too real and seem to be linked to the strange scars on his back. During these Dream Sequences, a man whose face is constantly shrouded in shadows tortures and rapes him, all while claiming to love him to death.

Moreover, Shinohara seems to be perfectly aware of the dreams of his interrogator, which troubles Katsuya even more. But are these truly dreams? Or are they deeply repressed memories? And is Shinohara really the murderer that Asano is looking for? As the line between dream and reality starts to fade, Asano wonders if he isn't starting to become insane himself, all while Shinohara seems to be playing with him, including sexually...

In more ways than one, In These Words stands out from the usual Yaoi production, mostly due to the thickness of the plot and the exquisite artwork. While it doesn't skimp on the explicit sex scenes, some of these scenes can border on Fan Disservice, given the unusual setting. And the overall atmosphere, constantly striding the line between dreams, madness and reality reminds strangely of the works of Satoshi Kon.

The story begins unusually, with a text prologue. In these ten-odd pages, Asano meets a strange but well-dressed man several times at different cafes. He doesn't know who the man is, but clearly his pursuer knows precisely who Asano is. The prologue ends with the doctor awakening in a run down room after having been drugged, and the following pages, in manga format, give us the details of his capture, at least loosely. They also begin the sequence of Asano's rape by his unknown assailant, a man who claims to love him. These pages, and all of the rape scenes that follow, are disturbing. They are, for starters, clearly rape and not rape fantasy romance, although some four-panel comics in the back of the book make it unsettlingly clear that perhaps there is supposed to be a romantic element to them. Asano is being attacked sexually by a deranged predator, and there is really no way around that. If this makes you uncomfortable, or simply disgusts you, then do not read this book.

The art in In These Words is far and away superior to the writing, although the two do work well together. Done in varied shades of gray, the men run the gamut from excruciatingly handsome to dangerously unbalanced yet still attractive. Expressions are well realized and figures are reassuringly solid, making it clear that these are full grown men, not gangly boys, something that feels important given the explicit subject matter. Backgrounds are sparse, but that works for the unreal feeling of impending horror, giving everywhere a panic room feel that enhances the displaced feeling Asano has. The color pages in the front are beautiful, proving that the artist has just as deft a hand with colors as with black and white. The writing is at times stilted, eschewing contractions where they would have helped to make the dialog sound more natural, and has a few odd turns of phrase; both unusual traits in a DMP release. Nothing is enough to detract from the overall presentation of the story, however.

There's a serial killer loose in Los Angeles and the local authorities need help fast. For some reason the killer has been leaving a string of maddeningly arcane clues at each crime scene. Each of these clues, it seems, is an indecipherable roadmap to the next murder. Onto the scene comes L, the mysterious super-sleuth. Despite his peculiar working habits--he's never shown his face in public, for example--he's the most decorated detective in the world and has never tackled a cased he hasn't been able to crack. But this time he needs help. Enlisting the services of an FBI agent named Naomi Misora, L starts snooping around the City of Angels.

Set concurrent to the events of GuiltPleasure's best-selling manga "In These Words," Pressure Drop is a new beginning for the ex-Homicide Detective as he leaves his old life in New York and tries to reinvent himself on the golden coast.

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Gijougo (擬情語) , gitaigo (擬態語), and giyougo (擬用語) are unique categories that include words with metaphorical sounds relating to feelings, actions, movements, appearances, and textures.

This doujinshi is printed with heavy stock partial gloss cover and 120 lb interior paper.Rating: YaoiLanguage: English and Traditional ChineseDescription: Dr. Asano Katsuya is recruited by the Tokyo police to aid in the profiling a potential serial murder suspect. Since taking the case, Dr.Asano is experiencing nightmares about a gruesome encounter he cannot recall happening.Page Count: 52 pages (31 pages manga and 21 pages in bilingual text)Dimension: 7X10Condition: NEWWeight: 9 oz

A lot of mangaka start off as doujinshi creators -- even CLAMP began as a doujin group. Compared to commercial publishing, doujin creators have much more flexibility in terms of topics and publishing schedules, but their market is substantially smaller, which is why their works are often overlooked by the mainstream. In These Words, published by the U.S.-based doujin group GuiltPleasure, is one such work.

GuiltPleasure is the collaboration between artist Jo Chen, or TogaQ, and writer Kichiku Neko. They specialize in BL stories with a dark twist, mainly within the crime thriller genre. This is because Kichiku Neko is a former Staff Sargent at the U.S. Air Force Security Forces. Her professional experience with law enforcement gives her rare and unique insight into police procedures and criminal psyches that are not often seen in manga, let alone BL stories.

First off, volume 1 costs $17.95USD and volume 2 costs $18.95USD, which, compared to most English printed manga, is quite pricy, especially when hardcover manga cost that much and the non-English versions are cheaper.


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