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There is a new unbound command which you can use to toggle the search position between the panel and sidebar. But note that in my testing it only works a couple of times because it focuses the panel when you move search to the sidebar - I'll file a bug.

Search ToggleSearch for:

As of vscode v1.35 or so, you can now right-click in the empty space below the search view (i.e., in the sidebar under the open search inputs) and you will get an option to Toggle Search View Position.

The only way at present (but see edit just below) to move the icon back to the activity bar (and thus the search across files functionality to the sidebar) is to change that setting to the sidebar option. Or look for this setting in the settings editor:

I am not sure if this is a bug, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling eclipse but seems like the problem has been saved in cache somewhere. Whenever I do a file search or C/C++ search with eclipse (either by clicking on the icon, or by typing ctrl+H), I do not see a search window pop up with results.

I do not understand why this happens, I wonder if I disabled the search windows with a shortcut, this already happened with disabling the breakpoints and it took me a while to figure it out. Is there a way to toggle the appearance of the window? And if it really is a bug, how can I destroy all of the program's cache, because uninstalling by itself didn't work, there was a few settings that remained with the fresh installation.

When searching through photos, you may find that you regularly want to search for a specific thing, but then toggle it on and off. In my case, when looking at a collection of RAW+JPEG images, I needed a way to show just the RAW files, but then quickly disable the filter so I could see the JPEG as well.

I'd also be interested in a way to turn off search term highlighting -- why not? -- but it's only a very trivial issue at the worst for me. Once you start editing the note, they also go away (unfortunately this will also change the Update Date on the note though which, depending on your use-case may be a worse side-affect than the original issue).

Note that you can only search within a note if you have clicked in it to edit it. Provided you do not make changes to the note the update date is not changed by simply putting the note into edit mode.

Thank you. That does work on the Mac. Unfortunately on the iPad and iPhone it does not. If I go into "Search in note" and clear the search string it greys out the entire note. Can't see it or write in it. Starting to edit the note does clear the search string highlights. A bit klunky but better than nothing.

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