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To Be A King [2021] Download [Ch 9] Guide В» FAP NATION

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To Be A King Download [Ch 9] Guide В» FAP NATION

Hi!Quick question, how do you plan on retaining saves in the 1.x.x version of the game?Or quite possibly, could the 1.x.x release of the game differ from the 0.x.x versions of the game to such a degree, that 0.x.x playthroughs and their saves will become irrelevant to 1.x.x pacing and story?Will there be a file import system?Will it somehow transfer the existing saves?I'm asking because I am currently playing on the web-downloadable version, so downloads and file locations are manual.I have made quite an impressive amount of progress by my own standarts, and I don't really want to lose my save unless it becomes irrelevant in-case the story changes in a way that won't suit the previous playthroughs on the 0.x.x versions of the game.Thanks in advance! 041b061a72


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