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Peter Jacksons King Kong [Xbox Classic]

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Hayes shoots out a distress signal, causing Englehorn to come looking for them via the ship's plane and drop ammo supplies for them. The group, after fighting off giant crabs, head onto a rocky outcrop. Carl suggests shooting some test shots for his movie, asking Ann to scream. Her classic damsel-in-distress style wailing is answered by a loud roar. The party progresses forward, meeting up with the second lifeboat containing Preston (Colin Hanks), Jimmy (Jamie Bell) and Lumpy (Andy Serkis), although it cannot land because of the strong current of the sea. The team continue traversing the island, battling many vicious predators such as giant megapedes, scorpio-pedes, and Terapusmordax and are eventually forced to split up as they make their way to a massive wall looming in the distance. Navigating through a seemingly abandoned village, Jack and Ann are captured by the island natives.

Non-video game publications gave the game generally positive reviews as well. The New York Times gave it a favorable review and stated, "The sense of immersion is increased by the game's first-person perspective and an absence of on-screen clutter. There is no health gauge blocking your view; if a dinosaur bites you, your vision blurs, indicating that one more bite will kill you."[55] The A.V. Club gave it a B+ and called it "an instant classic."[56] The Sydney Morning Herald gave it three-and-a-half stars out of five and said of the game, "With a rather abrupt final sequence it does seem to rush to its climax, but despite its brevity, this is an unforgettable trip through the realm of Kong."[57] Detroit Free Press gave the Xbox 360 version three stars out of four and called it "A decent effort. And if you're a gamer who likes movies, this one's got all the cinematic feel and production value of a big-budget film."[58] Maxim, however, gave the PSP version a score of four out of ten and stated that "while the PSP version adds a two-player Co-op mode, it also has wonkier controls than its console cousin, which weren't great to begin with."[59]

King Kong is the video-game adaptation of Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of the classic monster movie King Kong. It is part first-person shooter with players taking upon the role of the character Jack, and part third-person beat-em up as players play as Kong.

Once 100% game completion is obtained, an extra scoring system is unlock in which players can replay each chapter and try to earn the highest score possible. Included within each copy of the game was a unique internet code which players could enter their personal high scores into the Ubisoft's King Kong website (, although Ubisoft later redesigned their website and made this feature obsolete. The players total score is kept and depending on the total score achieved will unlock additional extras within the extras menu as outlined in the extras section below.

You'd be hard pressed to find a film that's more anticipated this winter than Peter Jackson's upcoming retelling of King Kong. The tragic love story between an enormous ape from a prehistoric island and the actress he falls for (eventually in the literal sense) has been a cinematic classic since it debuted in 1933. Jackson's film aims to offer a new take on the story that stays true to its roots while expanding on the original film's scope. The project is a labor of love for the Academy Award-winning filmmaker, who cites the original film as one of the early inspirations for his moviemaking career. 781b155fdc


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