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[S4E5] House Party

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Jessica's dad invites Diego to dinner since Jessica's been spending a lot of time with him. He doesn't want her to go to the Find Your Drink Party, a gathering where you try different drinks and find your preferred drink before heading off to college. Jessica's surprised he even knows there's a party. Then Luke announces the party is called off as Beecher's parents found out.

At Monet's, the group discusses the recent developments concerning the parents. They seem to know a lot lately. Clay thinks they're being tracked and it's not a coincidence. Jessica adds it's not just within their inner circle but it's why Beecher's party was canceled.

Justin arrives home late, waking Clay up. Clay asks if Justin remembers when they went to see Monty. It is assumed that Clay means the time he had a dream that he and Justin went to see Monty in jail, and believes it was real. Justin tells Clay that they never went to see Monty, unaware that Clay dreamed it. Clay begins to close his eyes as if he's going to sleep, Justin becomes confused at Clay, Clay then jolts his eyes open as if he has just woken up and becomes surprised that Justin is home and realized it's midnight (this seems to be that Clay was still asleep when he talked to Justin the first time and then woke up in the middle of conversation-which would advocate for the mention of Monty in jail-or that Clay dissociated as he came out of dreaming and woke up in the middle of conversation.) Justin doesn't seem to notice that Clay is surprised to see him home and that it is now dark as if he wasn't just talking to him before. Clay asks Justin where he has been and Justin tells him "Nowhere", Clay tells him that they'll find out, Justin asks who he's talking about, Clay tells him he's talking about everyone, Clay tells Justin that the Find Your Drink party is off because they're all being watched and they (their parents) found out about it.

At school, Clay asks Cyrus and his friends to help him find a new location for the party but under a VPN. Meanwhile, Jessica is hanging out with Estela when Winston comes and introduces himself to her. He tells her they're planning a memorial for Monty at the party and that she should come. After he leaves, Jessica warns her to stay away from him. In the hallway, Zach tells Alex he's picking him up at 8 pm for the party. The two joke about the kiss.

At Monet's, Jessica enters the coffee shop with Diego. Justin is working and Jessica approaches him with their order. He's annoyed by her relationship with Diego. When Jessica asks if he's going to the party later Justin says no, as he's trying to stay sober.

At the party, Winston and Jessica play a game of Paranoia. Winston says Jessica's life would be easier if Bryce was still alive and Jessica drinks to that, indicating he's correct. Then Jessica fires back at him that he's not as smart as he thinks. Clay narrates that he's never done drugs but at the party he smokes weed. Justin arrives to the party after all and the two get into an argument about Clay's parents. Justin asks why he lied to them about the drug test and that his parents don't trust him anymore. However, Clay retorts that they never did that's why they drug tested him. Then he says they're not Justin's parents but his.

Back at the party, Charlie finds Alex watching a movie by himself. The two have some weed cookies and snuggle up. When asked how he learned to make them, Charlie said it was when his mother was sick. He learned how to make it to help ease his mother's pain.

Clay approaches Zach by the piano. He apologizes to him about not telling everyone about Winston from the beginning. He finds out Zach can play piano, which surprises him. Zach says he was forced to learn how to play for 7 years. They then sing together. When Zach notices a girl staring at Clay, he gives him advice on what to whisper in her ear to get laid. If he manages, then he'll get to drive his Audi. Later, he tries it out and it works. Once Clay and Valerie f


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