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Angel Brown
Angel Brown

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You can use KB3135244 to download the appropriate server and client component applicable for your environment. The first build numbers that provides complete TLS 1.2 support in each major release is available in KB3135244 as well. The following tables lists the client driver/components and server components which have TLS 1.2 support. You will need to apply the necessary client component fixes on the server that hosts the SQL Server instance (eg. MS ODBC Driver, SQL Server Native Client) to ensure that the client components installed on the server also support TLS 1.2.

download sp4 backup exec 2012 serial number

The deserialization of java.lang.reflect.Proxy objects can be limited by setting the system property jdk.serialProxyInterfaceLimit.The limit is the maximum number of interfaces allowed per Proxy in the stream.Setting the limit to zero prevents any Proxies from being deserialized including Annotations, a limit of less than 2 might interfere with RMI operations.


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